Merlin Awakens - Revelations for a New Age!

"Whether you believe in the existence of Merlin or not, his guidance rings true. It is predictably wise, enlightening, inspiring and timely."

Christopher Street

"This remarkable book reveals the ultimate reality that now lies within our reach."

Sir George Trevelyan

Following the successful publication of his two books, Merlin the Immortal and Merlin Awakes (now out of print), Peter Quiller has produced an updated edition of his extraordinary meetings with Merlin. The result is Merlin Awakens: Revelations for a New Age, which contains an account of Quiller's recent geomantic work, some of his latest dialogues with Merlin and photographic evidence never before published. Quiller reveals how the re-appearance of the Magician affected his attitude towards reality itself and divulges what Merlin had to say about the changes that are taking place as the New Age begins.

Read text taken from Merlin Awakens includes; Author's introduction plus 23 further pages of beautiful prose, including the immortal words of Merlin himself.
Read this chapter from Book Three of Peter Quiller's Quest books; "Cards on the Table" and then go to the Forum and ask him about the numbers!
Read the introductions to ALL 5 BOOKS!!!



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"Merlin Awakes"

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MERLIN AWAKENS by Peter Quiller is published as a numbered, limited edition and is not available in shops.

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